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django-wildewidgets Demo
django-wildewidgets is a Django design library providing several tools for building full-featured, widget-based web applications with a standard, consistent design, based on Bootstrap.
This entire site is built using django-wildewidgets, with only a single shared template.
  • Large library of standard widgets
  • Custom widgets
  • Widgets can be composable
  • Teplateless design
  • AJAX data for tables, charts, and other data based widgets
  • Several supporting views
Standard Widgets
  • Basic blocks
  • Template based widgets
  • Basic Buttons
  • Form, Modal, and Collapse Buttons
  • Header widgets
  • Chart widgets, including Altair, Apex, and ChartJS
  • Layout and structural widgets, like Card and Tab widgets
  • Modal widgets
  • Form widgets
  • Table widgets
  • Text widgets, like HTML, Code, Markdown, and Label widgets
  • Other miscillaneous widgets, like Breadcrumb, Gravatar, and KeyValueList widgets.
Table Controls
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